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16 y/o female comes to clinic with newly diagnosed diabetes type 2. Her BMI is 37, and she is the goalie for her high school soccer team.Diagnostic tests:•    Random blood sugar test•    Fasting blood sugar test•    Glycated Hemoglobin (A1C) test•    Oral Glucose Tolerance testAssessment:1.    Diabetes Mellitus Type 2Plan:•    Diet- Pt educated on proper diet for diabetes mellitus type 2.•    Exercise- Pt educated on proper length and type of exercise that should be completed for DM2.•    Metformin- Start with Metformin 500mg extended-release once a day. Will increase dose by 500mg weekly dependent on blood glucose levels. Maximum dose of 2000mg/day.•    Pt educated on side effects and adverse effects of start metformin.•    Pt educated on when to take blood sugars, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, sick days, and what warrants a medical emergency.•    Will have the patient follow up in 3 months for recheck of blood work to see if any adjustments with treatment should be made.Collaboration:•    Diabetes Educator•    Nutritionist•    Endocrinologist Reference:

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