Global Leadership in Practice

Locate a current news article, presentation, or interview on global leadership development in practice.You may also choose an article from a relevant industry journal, such as SHRM, ATD, or ILA.Your source must be within the last 5 years, and must specifically address one or more of the following:- Global leadership program design,- Global leadership development methods,- The role of HR in global leaderhsip development,- Or new understandings of GL development within an organization.In addition to the articles, you will find, also analyze the content of the article in the context of this week’s reading materials.Minimum of 4 cited referencesTextbook ReadingsMendenhall, M. E., Osland, J. S., Bird, A., Oddou, G. R., Stevens, M. J., Maznevski, M. L., & Stahl, G. K. (2018). Global Leadership: Research, Practice and Development (3rd ed.). London: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.Chapter 1: Leadership and the birth of global leadershipChapter 2: The multidisciplinary roots of global leadershipChapter 3: An overview of the global leadership literatureChapter 10: Global leadership knowledge creation and transfer

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