In My Opinion

Consider one of the following current social issues – or one of your choice:Gun violenceRacismEconomic inequalitySexismViolent crimeImmigrationFor the initial post, address the following:State your position on one of these issues – are you for, against, or neutral? Explain why. Avoid vagueness or ambiguity in your response. Make your position very clear.Examine how you have formed that opinion.How well do you think you know the facts?Do you know and understand statistical information that applies to the issue?Do you think you have formed your opinion using only System-1 thinking, or have you applied System-2?What part have heuristics, cognitive bias, and dominance structuring played in how you have formed your opinions?The initial post is not about how “correct” your position is; it is about how you arrived at your position on the issue. This discussion requires application of metacognition – thinking about how you think.Follow-Up Post InstructionsRespond to at least one peer. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.In your responses, look for another student’s post, either on the same or a different issue. Choose, where possible, a peer whose initial post has not yet been examined by another student, and examine it. Do you agree or disagree with your peer?Is your initial reaction to your peer “So, right; you bet!” or is it “So wrong, you’re all wet!”Examine carefully your thinking in response to your peers:What part, if any, have facts, heuristics, or dominance structuring played in your response?What part, if any, has cognitive bias played in your response?Minimum of 2 sources cited (assigned readings/online lessons and an outside source)APA format for in-text citations and list of r

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