week 2- pharm

Week 2 DiscussionEye ConditionsAM is a 22-year-old man presenting to the local emergency department (ED) with acute onsetof right eye pain. The pain started 6 hours prior and has not improved with artificial tears or oralacetaminophen. He reports the possibility of accidentally “scratching his right eye” when tryingto remove his contact lens.Past Medical History• Wears soft contact lenses, replaces monthly• Denies swimming or showering in contacts• Occasionally sleeps in contactsPhysical Examination• Visual acuity: right eye, 20/40; left eye, 20/20• Right eye is diffusely injected, small pinpoint area of haze is noted in the periphery at 6 o’clock; region subsequently stains with fluoresceinDiscussion Questions1. What is the appropriate pharmacologic treatment for AM?2. What is the appropriate follow up for AM?3. How should AM be counseled regarding his contact lens2. A minimum of 2 paragraphs is required3. Support all posts with at least 2 cited peer review references within 5 years of publication (references cannot be older than 5 years).4. All posts are to be written in APA 7th edition format as required by the university.

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